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How Phase Feeding Pigs Increased Daily Growth Rate By 100g (Case Study)
Published on July 09, 2018

Why would Buckle Farms replace a feeding system that was only six years old?

It clearly wasn’t because their existing system was out of date.

So, why foot the bill for something new?

The answer is simple:

Rick Buckle visited another farm’s finishing unit.

There, his eyes were opened to the benefits of phase feeding pigs.

Things like:



Visiting A Phase Feeding Unit

The farm Rick visited was Decoy Farm, home to a finishing unit run by pig farming specialists, JSR.

Collinson had installed a phase feeding system there back in 2010.

Suffice to say, Rick was impressed by what he saw.

Here's why:


Phase Feeding Pigs At Decoy Farm

Decoy Farm installed their system to improve feeding efficiency.

Lightbulb Did you know: feed can account for more than half the cost of production?


JSR’s aim at Decoy Farm was simple:

They wanted to reduce their feed cost for every kilo of meat produced.


With the Multifast phase feeding system.


What Is Multifast Phase Feeding?

Installed by Collinson, JSR’s Multifast phase feeding system allows pigs to be fed according to a detailed plan.

That feeding plan is tailored to the growth curves of the pigs, for maximum feeding efficiency.

It's true:

Using the Multifast system, JSR can change their pigs' diet according to age and weight.

Better still, the phase feeding system makes transitioning between diets smooth and seamless.

That means feed conversion can be optimised in line with the pigs' position in their growth curve:

With minimal wastage, and without growth stunts.

A decision was made:

Buckle Farms needed their own phase feeding system.

So, they contacted Collinson.

"Collinson made the transition brilliantly. Their fitters were excellent, working whilst pigs were still in the building and getting the installation completed as quickly as possible."


Choosing The Right Phase Feeding System For Pigs

A chat with a nutritionist and some number-crunching later, Rick Buckle had the benefits of his proposed investment laid out:

Lightbulb Installing a phase feeding system would reduce feed costs and manual handling. Plus, judging by the results at Decoy Farm, the physical performance of his herd would drastically improve.


All told, it added up to a wise investment.

But there was one thing left for Rick to decide:

Which feeding system was right for his farm?

JSR had installed a Multifast system due to the size of their unit.

Benefits of Multifast:
  • Extensive and detailed analysis
  • 20 ingredients, individually weighed
  • Different feed curves according to pig groups
  • Feeders topped up on demand

Because Buckle Farms have a smaller unit, Collinson's other available phase feeding system—the Ration Feeding system—was ideal.


How Does Ration Feeding Work?

Ration feeding is another type of phase feeding.

With ration feeding, feed portions are prepared in layers.

The feed travels along an assembly line.

Ingredients are added, one by one, to create individual layered portions.

These then mix in the conveyor whilst in transit to the feeder.

A ration feeding system can accommodate up to 4 feed ingredients which can be applied to 8 feeding curves.

Ration Feeding_Buckle_800px

Liking the concept of ration feeding, and how easy it would be to use, Rick decided to go ahead with the new system.

“Collinson made the transition brilliantly,” he said.

“Their fitters were excellent, working whilst pigs were still in the building and getting the installation completed as quickly as possible.”

Ration Feeding_Buckle_800px 02


Results Of Pig Phase Feeding Trials

At the time of install Rick had 2,100 pigs on the system.

After raising 20 batches, the improvement in his results was obvious.

Daily growth rate alone had increased by over 100g.

And that’s not even the best part:

Feed purchasing had actually decreased by 60%!

Phase Feeding Results:
  • 100g increase in daily growth rate
  • 60% decrease in feed purchase costs


Before installing the system, Rick had been feeding his pigs 5 kilos of bought-in ration.

With the ability to create the right mix, provided by the new ration feeding system, that figure reduced to 2 kilos.


“Not only this, but phase feeding creates a better transition,” said Rick of his fantastic results.

He added:

"The feed conversion rate can be difficult to calculate but, taking all the changes into consideration, efficiency is improved all round, and yes, I am very pleased with my investment.”

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