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Published on June 19, 2018

Chauncy School has an ethos:

They want every student to succeed, whatever their background or ability.

But in 2016, growing student numbers were stretching their sports hall to the limit. Soon, it would be too small.

As an added issue, the changing curriculum was about to leave them short on teaching space.

So, the school made a decision:

They needed a modern, four court sports facility with additional classrooms. And fast!

Affording A Four Court Sports Facility

Their next step:

Chauncy requested government approval to sell some land.

Their plan?

To use the money to fund their new sports facility.

A smart budgeting decision, Chauncy chose to include the new classrooms the school needed as part of the overall sports project.

Sports_Facility_Ancillary_ClassroomOne of the new classrooms at Chauncy School

Their decision fell in line with guidance from Sport England’s Affordable Sports Halls.

According to Sport England:
"There are likely to be a range of cost and sustainability benefits if the sports hall is integrated into a larger development."

So, it made sense for the school to tackle both issues at once.

Having sold the land, some additional fundraising later and Chauncy were ready for a new sports facility.


Why Choose A Tensile Sports Facility?

Wendy Bremner is Chauncy’s Business Manager.

It was her job to find a sports hall that would come in within the allocated budget.

This was a particular challenge because the building project needed to include classrooms, too.

During their research, Wendy and Head Teacher Dennis O’Sullivan had heard great things about tensile sports facilities.

In particular, about a tensile sports facility at Freman College.

(And one that just so happened to have ancillary classrooms as part of the build.)

Freman_College_Sports_FacilityNearby Freman College sports facility

It wasn’t far away. So, the team arranged a visit.

What they saw left them very impressed.



As soon as they got a look at the facility, it was clear to Wendy and Dennis that Freman had gotten a lot of additional teaching and sports space for their money.

In other words:

It was exactly what they were looking to achieve at Chauncy School.

As an added bonus, Freman’s tensile facility was naturally bright inside.

So if Chauncy chose tensile, they could look forward to reduced energy bills, too.

Chauncy Sports Facility Naturally LitNatural light shown in Chauncy's final facility

Choosing A Tensile Contractor

Now, all Chauncy needed was a tensile contractor with sports facility experience that could also build classrooms.

Freman’s facility had been constructed by national sports facility specialists: Collinson.

Following a tender bid, Chauncy were delighted when Collinson became principal contractor for their development, too.

The company had a proven track record and a competitive price.

And, after meeting the team, the Chauncy team were confident Collinson could design and build their 4 court sports facility with ancillaries exactly as needed.


Tensile Building Type: The Challenger

Based on Chauncy’s needs, Collinson recommended their Challenger building system.


Building A Four Court Sports Facility

Sports facility construction on a live school site requires two key skills:

Speed and efficiency.

Being used to working in and around schools, the Collinson teams have both.

Pre-build, their design team had worked with the school to incorporate eight air-conditioned classrooms, a fitness suite and an office into the overall structure.

And once the design was signed off and planning permission granted, the build team were quickly on site.

According to Business Manager, Wendy Bremner:
"Collinson are by far the best company we’ve ever worked with. We were barely aware a new building was undergoing construction.
"Antony, the project manager, held regular meetings to keep us up-to-date with the progress.
"The attention to detail on the financial tracking side of the project was spot on and ensured the project was delivered on time, and within budget."


What’s Included In Their Four Court Sports Facility Plus Ancillaries?


To suit Chauncy’s needs Collinson used their Challenger system to build an 840m2 clear span sports facility:


For the classrooms and fitness suite, they constructed an additional 920mof ancillary accommodation split between two floors.

In its entirety, Chauncy’s new facility has:

  • Four multi-sport courts
  • Eight new classrooms
  • Shower and changing facilities
  • An office
  • A fitness suite

Four_Court_Sports_Facility_Changing_RoomChanging room at Chauncy School


Results Of Investing In School Sports

Now, Chauncy can offer more sports than ever before.

With a four court facility their students no longer need to take turns to play badminton. Instead, the whole class can take part.

The fitness suite has also proven a big hit:

In fact, the school quickly noticed a general increase in sports participation, especially amongst the sixth formers.

But it’s not just the students getting involved:

Staff have full access to the gym in the evenings.

Overall, the new facility is boosting fitness all round—including in the local community.

Since its opening, Chauncy’s sports facility has hosted Judo clubs, boot camps and football clubs (to name just a few!).



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